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    Game Introduction

    This official guide index will attempt to explain all of the features of the game in detail. If there is a feature not listed here, players are welcome to write a guide and submit it to us. If it is well written it will be listed on this page and a compensation can be paid to the author. We would like to thank all the players of Voyage of Pirates Online and say welcome to new players.

    Staff Members
    [GM]Divine - Server Admin/Development
    [GM]Phy - Server Development/Graphic Design
    [GM]StalZ - Event/Chat Moderator

    Remember, staff members will NEVER ask for your password or login information. If someone contacts you asking for your login credentials claiming to be a staff member, please report this player to us immediately.

    To play on Voyage of Pirates Online, an account must first be created. Please use a valid email address in case you forget your password. Accounts without a valid email address will not be able to be recovered. The GM team will not change your password for you.

    Our official client can be downloaded by Download. The installation process is simple and shouldn't take any longer than a minute. This install comes with an automatic updater so you will not have to manually download and install patches and updates.

    Log in with your username and password. Currently, we only have 1 server. In the future this may be expanded and more servers will be added as needed.

    To level up and earn money, kill monsters around the map and complete quests. Keep your monster drops and sell them to NPCs for money. Some items may be more valuable and can be sold to other players. Quests could give rare items and large amounts of money.

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